82 Woodland Rd Short Hills, NJ 07078

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Manisha Chaturvedi lives at 82 Woodland Rd in Short Hills, NJ 07078 and rents Apartment #B1. View more

At 82 Woodland Rd, Short Hills, New Jersey stands a possession. It is situated down the street. Generally this home includes the names of 42 recent residents.

resident History for 82 Woodland Rd, Short Hills NJ

Who has lived here

Person NameMore Info
Tina M Aguinaga
Reem K Almansoori
Stetson M Baker, 75 (973) 376-2751 Apt # B4
Lisa A Campbell, 55
Rita Y Campbell
Anurag Chaturvedi, 54 (973) 218-1095 Apt # B1
Manisha Chaturvedi, 48 (973) 218-1095 Apt # B1
Food Preparation and Serving Related Occupations
Associate degree or higher
Tami Cohen, 53 (973) 912-9028
Greg Fersko, 53 (973) 912-9028
Barbara Conley, 93
Patricia V Connolly (516) 561-7680
Christine T Coster, 53 (973) 218-9887 Apt # A1
Muhammad A Dar (973) 921-9441
Heather Dworak (973) 467-0527
Kevin M Fox (973) 379-3343 Apt # 2A
Walter J Fox, 91 (973) 379-3343 Apt # 2A
Machine Operators, Assemblers, and Inspectors Occupations
Bachelor's degree or higher
Brian G Gallagher (973) 379-6479
Mae L Grandusky (973) 467-2864
N Guay (973) 218-0179
Andrew Martin Hitz, 49 (973) 532-3763 Apt # 2
Fuquan Holden (973) 232-6213
Wendy E Janes (973) 258-9412
Vinay J Kalro (973) 564-9477 Apt # 4
Hiroshi Kamiyama (973) 564-8111 Apt # 82A1
James R Kem
Anil Kumar
Joselyn Mclaughlin, 54 (973) 218-9694 Apt # B3
Production Occupations
Avner Moshe (973) 218-9694 Apt # 82A1
Sudarshan Muramreddy (973) 376-0388
M Sudarshan (973) 376-0388
Aki Nakao, 50
Mary L Nicholson (973) 467-8250
Tun Nyunt, 59 (423) 282-5845 Apt # 4A
Medical Professional
Susan Owen (973) 467-0556
Nithiya Palanisamy (973) 376-8192
M Parker (973) 912-9065
Nalini Peddareddyga (973) 467-0184
Michael F Riley, 69
Patricia A Riley
P Singh (973) 218-1110
Annunziata Patrici Somers (973) 648-2892
William Yang (973) 921-1366
Christopher R Yannetelli (973) 376-0327
Robert A Yesukevich

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Fire Incident History

28 Oct 2018 Cooking fire, confined to container
Property Use —
Multifamily dwellings
Actions Taken —
Incident command
Factors to Ignition —
Heat source too close to combustibles.
Equipment Involved :
Kitchen & Cooking Equipment
Equipment Brand :
Equipment Model :
Equipment Serial Number :
Equipment Power :
Natural gas or other lighter than air gas
Equipment Portability :

Incidents registered in Federal Emergency Management Agency

18 Dec 2013 Gas leak (natural gas or LPG)
Property Use —
1 or 2 family dwelling
Actions Taken —
Incident command
09 Dec 2013 Arcing, shorted electrical equipment
Property Use —
Residential street, road or residential driveway
Actions Taken —
Refer to proper authority
12 Sep 2013 Overheated motor
Property Use —
Clinics, Doctors offices, hemodialysis centers
Actions Taken —
Incident command

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74 Woodland Rd, Short Hills, NJMark S Baum, V Baum
76A Woodland Rd, Short Hills, NJMaria L Escudero, Yulia Kaploun
76B Woodland Rd, Short Hills, NJRachel Bamdas, Daniel Bandas
76 Woodland Rd, Short Hills, NJPat V. Sonti LLC, Path to Wellness LLC
78 Woodland Rd, Short Hills, NJShort Hills Apartments, Short Hills Village
82A Woodland Rd, Short Hills, NJFrances Cloran, Christine Coster
82B Woodland Rd, Short Hills, NJWillet Floris, Christopher Hoch
84 Woodland Rd, Short Hills, NJGregory F Blackburn, Guta Piskiel
85 Woodland Rd, Short Hills, NJAllison Gurey Wasserstein MD, Bender, Dr. Michelle
86 Woodland Rd, Short Hills, NJLorena M Alexander, Robert Apikyan

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What is the architectural style or type of the house located at 82 Woodland Rd, Short Hills, NJ?
The property located at 82 Woodland Rd, Short Hills, NJ is classified as a High Rise residential dwelling.
Have there been any fire-related events in close proximity to the house located at 82 Woodland Rd, Short Hills, NJ?
The most recent fire incident involving the house at 82 Woodland Rd, Short Hills, NJ occurred in 2018. Additional fire incidents related to this property can be accessed through the provided link.
Have there been any reported FEMA incidents at 82 Woodland Rd, Short Hills, NJ?
The most recent recorded FEMA incident at 82 Woodland Rd, Short Hills, NJ took place in 2013. Additional FEMA incidents on Woodland Rd can be found through the provided link.

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