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800 Harbers Ln Ferndale, CA 95536

Single Family
At 800 Harbers Ln, Ferndale, California stands a property. According to our records this estate includes one recent resident. For the last time it was sold in July 1993 for $40k and assessed in 2014 for $156.1k.

PUBLIC RECORDS for 800 Harbers Ln, Ferndale CA

Listing info

Last sold: Jul 1993 for $40,000

Other details

Units: 1

Resident History for 800 Harbers Ln, Ferndale CA

Who has lived here

Resident NamePhoneMore Info
Cindy R Michel (707) 786-9169

Assessment history



Elementary school
Ferndale Elementary School
164 Shaw Avenue, Ferndale, CA 95536
(707) 786-5300
High school
Ferndale High School
1231 Main Street, Ferndale, CA 95536
(707) 786-5900


790 Harbers Ln, Ferndale, CA 95536Wendy B Smyth, Carolyn J Thomas
820 Harbers Ln, Ferndale, CA 95536Anthony J Titus, Elizabeth N Titus
740 Harbers Ln, Ferndale, CA 95536Thomas F Grinsell
825 Harbers Ln, Ferndale, CA 95536Arthur R Barri, John Barri
690 Harbers Ln, Ferndale, CA 95536Elizabeth C Frey
832 Harbers Ln, Ferndale, CA 95536Irene M Cary, Irene M Regli
678 Harbers Ln, Ferndale, CA 95536Debbie L Skofield, Michael A Skofield
837 Harbers Ln, Ferndale, CA 95536Larry Barnett, Jorgen Vonfrausing-Borch
667 Harbers Ln, Ferndale, CA 95536
840 Harbers Ln, Ferndale, CA 95536Don Bowen, Donald Harrison Bowen

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