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4234 Northshore Dr Fenton, MI 48430

Single Family Residential
The property stands at 4234 Northshore Dr, Fenton, Michigan. Property information includes the names of 5 recent tenants. In the records of this property 1 business has been found. Our records show the possession was assessed in 2012 for $254k.

PUBLIC RECORDS for 4234 Northshore Dr, Fenton MI

Single Family Residential

Resident History for 4234 Northshore Dr, Fenton MI


OrganizationPhoneMore Info
Crystal Brook, Inc
Business type:
Domestic Profit Corporation

Who has lived here

Resident NamePhoneMore Info
Carol Haney, ~61 (810) 691-9141
Clerical/White Collar
High school graduate or higher
Randall Haney, ~59 (810) 919-6556
Clerical/White Collar
Carey L Muntin, ~47 (810) 750-1006
Steven F Muntin, ~54 (810) 750-1006
Carey L Wensel, ~47

Sales history

03/04/2011Sold$725,610Public records
12/30/2002Sold$135,000Public records

Assessment history



4229 Northshore Dr, Fenton, MI 48430Herbalife, Alison Conforto
4240 Northshore Dr, Fenton, MI 48430Jane E Hylen, Ruth B Hylen
4226 Northshore Dr, Fenton, MI 48430Randall Coley, Laura Frey
4241 Northshore Dr, Fenton, MI 48430James A Funk, Anton Strocel
4216 Northshore Dr, Fenton, MI 48430Michigan Wireless Pcs, Inc, Marnie S Boehlke
4246 Northshore Dr, Fenton, MI 48430Chad Miller, Jessica Marie-Wolski Miller
4209 Northshore Dr, Fenton, MI 48430Elizabeth A Bleicher, Liz A Bleicher
4249 Northshore Dr, Fenton, MI 48430James C Davidson, Matthew E Davidson
4206 Northshore Dr, Fenton, MI 48430Joan T Beauvais, Robert E Beauvais
4185 Northshore Dr, Fenton, MI 48430

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