6611 8th Ave Anchorage, AK 99504

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Mobile / Manufactured
  • 400 sqft
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  • Lot size

    9,135 sqft
  • Floor size

    400 sqft

Parking & Garage

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    Garage - Attached, 400 sqft

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Linda Andersen lives at 6611 8th Ave in Anchorage, AK and owns the home at this address. View more

The sustainable property is situated at 6611 8th Ave, Anchorage, AK. The home generally includes information about 7 recent residents. Historical records for this building show 1 business that may no longer be recorded at this address. In addition, the property is equipped with a 400 square feet garage. The last recorded owners to this possession are Linda Andersen and Linda James.

resident History for 6611 8th Ave, Anchorage AK

Who has lived here

Person NameMore Info
Linda Andersen, 78 (907) 338-5904
Associate degree or higher
Wayne Anderson (907) 338-5904
Jason Allen Duhon (337) 583-7124
Linda James
Wayne James, 79
Jamie Mascak, 53
James L Williams, 60 (907) 338-2645

Historical Records. Businesses

OrganizationMore Info
Wayne's Door Repair
Repair Services

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Fire Incident History

22 May 2018 Building fires
Property Use —
Multifamily dwellings
Actions Taken —
Area of Origin —
Entrance way, lobby
First Ignition —
Magazine, newspaper, writing paper
Heat Source —
Heat from other open flame or smoking materials
Factors to Ignition —
Misuse of material or product, other
Property Loss :
Property Value :
22 Sep 2017 Building fires
Property Use —
Multifamily dwellings
Actions Taken —
Area of Origin —
Heating room or area, water heater area
Heat Source —
Heat from powered equipment, other
Equipment Involved :
Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning
Equipment Brand :
Equipment Model :
Equipment Power :
Electrical line voltage (>= 50 volts)
Equipment Portability :
Property Loss :
Property Value :
Contents Value :
18 Jun 2016 Natural vegetation fire, other
Property Use —
Graded and cared-for plots of land
Actions Taken —
Area of Origin —
Open area - outside; included are farmland, field

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Incidents registered in Federal Emergency Management Agency

19 Dec 2013 Flammable gas or liquid condition, other
Property Use —
Hotel/motel, commercial
Actions Taken —
13 Dec 2013 Carbon monoxide incident
Property Use —
1 or 2 family dwelling
Actions Taken —
19 Aug 2013 Electrical wiring/equipment problem, other
Property Use —
Business office
Actions Taken —

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6611 8th Ave incidents registered in Federal Emergency Management Agency

04 Aug 2010 Unauthorized burning
Property Use —
Outside or special property, other
Actions Taken —
Information, investigation & enforcement, other


6540 8 Ave, Anchorage, AKAcorn Landscaping Services LLC, Jason Bryner
6541 8 Ave, Anchorage, AKCynthia L Bean, Edward Carroll
6600 8 Ave, Anchorage, AKMary S Hansen, Jeremy L Reamer
6601 8 Ave, Anchorage, AKEverything Is Awesome, Lou E Crans
6610 8 Ave, Anchorage, AKBear Plumbing & Heating, Inc, Frontier Plumbing & Heating Inc
6620 8 Ave, Anchorage, AKRichard Marson, Robert Banker
6621 8 Ave, Anchorage, AKAlexander Hahn, Donna L Levesque
6630 8 Ave, Anchorage, AK907 Water Well Services, Travis Huggett
6631 8 Ave, Anchorage, AKMarkem Beaomont, Austin Beaumont
6654 8 Ave, Anchorage, AKPhilip J Drossos, Barbara J Gallant

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What is the size of the house located at 6611 8 Ave, Anchorage, AK?
The house situated at 6611 8 Ave, Anchorage, AK has a floor area of 400 square feet.
What is the architectural style or type of the house located at 6611 8 Ave, Anchorage, AK?
The property located at 6611 8 Ave, Anchorage, AK is classified as a Mobile / Manufactured residential dwelling.
Have there been any fire-related events in close proximity to the house located at 6611 8 Ave, Anchorage, AK?
The most recent fire incident involving the house at 6611 8 Ave, Anchorage, AK occurred in 2018. Additional fire incidents related to this property can be accessed through the provided link.
Have there been any reported FEMA incidents at 6611 8 Ave, Anchorage, AK?
The most recent recorded FEMA incident at 6611 8 Ave, Anchorage, AK took place in 2013. Additional FEMA incidents on 8 Ave can be found through the provided link.

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